Why investing in current top fund is wrong strategy?

I enjoy answering questions on Quora. It is a fantastic platform to exchange knowledge and learn new things. I confess some of the blog ideas are straightway picked up from questions I observe on Quora. Lately, because Indian market is at its pick as of writing this article, please have started asking few very simple questions, allow me to put them in a template, “What is Best Mutual Fund to invest {A} amount a month?” OR “Should I switch to fund {B} because fund {C} did not do well last year?” OR “Is it good to add fund {D} because it did give fantastic returns last year?”. At times I do attempt to answer them but mostly my answer gets conveniently ignored because it is not what they expect. I tell them to not to chase current best, instead look for the long term good performing fund. Read Full Article →



ELSS stands for Equity Linked Savings Scheme. ELSS schemes are equity mutual fund schemes approved by SEBI for tax benefits under 80C for invested amount. Such schemes are meant to encourage people to participate in market appreciation instead of stashing money in fixed maturity or insurance product with investment objectives. Read Full Article →


Types of Mutual Funds

As with any other person starting investments today, I have had similar questions on types of schemes available from the mutual fund asset management company.

Believe me, there’s a jungle out there. More than 2,500 schemes to choose from. You are spoiled with choices. Without any professional guidance, either we end up choosing the one being marketed heavily with the fat commission for seller or misfit for our scenario. In a worst case, due to so many choices, we drop the idea of investment altogether and continue with bank deposits. Read Full Article →


Buy what you Understand and Understand what you Buy

In our daily life, we make so many simple transactions routinely which are very easy to understand, just think about it. We go to grocery store and buy grocery to consume, people who live Frugal Life they mostly know why they bought what they bought. We go to office canteen to have some food. We go to the fuel station to refill our vehicle fuel tank. Are these transactions not simple to make and simple to understand? I am sure they are. Read Full Article →