Life Insurance and Maid Analogy

Last week both of maids of my home took uninformed more than a week long vacation, I know that’s how maids take vacations, but it does not go well when you are dependent on maids for many things and they do not answer your calls. It became very frustrating time for my wife. Incidentally, I was planning to write an article on Life Insurance topic and this week long vacation by our maids gave me a unique topic to explore. What if we can pay someone their insured amount and get him/her as a full-time maid for their remaining life. Read Full Article →


Buy what you Understand and Understand what you Buy

In our daily life, we make so many simple transactions routinely which are very easy to understand, just think about it. We go to grocery store and buy grocery to consume, people who live Frugal Life they mostly know why they bought what they bought. We go to office canteen to have some food. We go to the fuel station to refill our vehicle fuel tank. Are these transactions not simple to make and simple to understand? I am sure they are. Read Full Article →


What is Life Insurance? How much is needed?

What’s Life Insurance?

I was a big time movie buff during my bachelor’s days, not that I am not anymore but life has moved on. But if you are movie buff too or have seen considerable movies, then I am sure you have seen at least one movie where the earning member of a family dies and how difficult life becomes for survived family members because of lack of money. For a moment keep yourself in place of that died person, and think what will be your family’s situations. Read Full Article →