How to review your Asset Allocation?

Asset Allocation Review

Last month, March 2017, after completing article “Things to do before March 31” I decided to verify my Asset Allocation. A few months back I did review of my investments, wherein I ran few basic checks to find out if my selected funds are doing what they are supposed to do. But, review of funds and review of asset allocation is not the same thing. Review of funds is to verify whether funds are on right track wherein review of asset allocation is to verify whether I am on track with asset allocation, which I had planned earlier, or I am drifting towards any one asset, probably Equity as markets are reaching heights. Read Full Article →


Benefits of Asset Allocation

Some lessons you learn early on from your life, Asset Allocation is one such lesson which I learned from my mother during my teenage. She used to tell me that in the preparation of a Khichdi proportion is very important. If you mix ingredients in correct proportions then it tastes great, if you go off by few percentages then it is eatable but does not test great, and if you mess up your proportions then you end you making something which does not taste great and not eatable as well. Read Full Article →