Blurred line of difference between Cheap and Inexpensive product

Last few days I have been searching for DashCam for my car. As usual, I was stuck with many available choices across all price ranges with mixed reviews all over the places. So many choices made me focus on my purchase, as I do not want to have the regret of buying the wrong product. I enquired one of my close relative to know what’s his preferences. He did give me a solid choice of an inexpensive DashCam, which I ended up buying. 🙂 Read Full Article →


Wants, what’s your excuse?

What's your excuse

One of my favorite article I have written has to be Need vs Want. It alighted many of my wants which were kind of hidden under the carpet. Mostly I found all those small expenses which I could not consider as (or convert into) need as we (myself and my wife) could have easily done them if we really wanted to, like Daily Car Wash, Home Cleaning etc. I started to have regrets that I could not avoid my Wants and could not convert them into Needs either. Read Full Article →


Personal Finance Truth

Locked Wallet

There are several great posts on Life Truth. But almost all article’s gist can be summed up in two sentences “Everyone is going to die, in no specific order.” and “Time is going to pass, whether it’s a good time or bad.”. Out of curiosity I tried to search Personal Finance Truth and found a beautiful article on lifehacker outlining personal finance truth in most simple words, it is “Spend less than you Earn and Invest the difference.”. I know there is nothing new discovery in this truth, but if you look closely there are three big money aspects hidden in that simple sentence. Income, Savings and Investment. Read Full Article →