Thumb Rule for Real Return Calculation

There are several parameters we check while we make any investment. We usually check whether product gives us tax benefits or not and how liquid it is should we need to liquidate it during need of money. There are several other such parameters on which we evaluate investment product but as far as Indian concerned, I believe, all such parameters takes back seat and prime parameter we consider for choosing any investment product is how much returns does it give and how risky it is probably second most parameter we enquire about. I am sure that they are the prime questions we usually ask when we ask anyone about any investment product. Read Full Article →


Life Insurance and Maid Analogy

Last week both of maids of my home took uninformed more than a week long vacation, I know that’s how maids take vacations, but it does not go well when you are dependent on maids for many things and they do not answer your calls. It became very frustrating time for my wife. Incidentally, I was planning to write an article on Life Insurance topic and this week long vacation by our maids gave me a unique topic to explore. What if we can pay someone their insured amount and get him/her as a full-time maid for their remaining life. Read Full Article →