Four Phases of Life

Life Stages

Life goes on. Everyone came to this beautiful place called earth to live their life. If we observe closely we would see that our life goes through several phases, and in most cases, we (are expected) behave similarly to the people belongs to our phase.

On end of September month of this year, my father got retired from his job. I observed how my father’s life style changed in last one month. That triggered a thought of writing this post to come up with life phases.

Our life goes through four different phases, as I will explain in a bit, and we all have different responsibilities to fulfill and goals to achieve throughout each of those stages.

Let us assume we are going to live up to 80 years. So roughly each phase is of 20 years.

Let us discuss all four life phases.


From the day we come to our life, our learning stage starts. While we are toddler we learn how to behave and slowly we start learning communication, initially non-verbally and slowly we start communicating verbally.

We go through our school and college days where our only emphasis is to learn and make yourself future ready. Hardly anyone has objective other than learning during our first phase of our life called “Learning”

Goals of Learning Phase:

  • Learning.
  • Preparing yourself for future career aspirations.

Asset Creation

Our learning stage sets us up to kick-start our career. In most cases either we pursue job in the industry in which we have done our studies or we start business where we see opportunity. Slowly and steadily we settled down with career option which we feel best suited to us.

This is the phase where we are with full of energy. We follow our aspiration and attain the peak of our earning life.

We create many assets during this phase. We buy a house where we plan to settle down for a long time. We buy vehicles to make our commute easy. We buy much more stuff to enrich our life.

Goals of Asset Creation Phase:

  • Learning continues.
  • Join either career aspiration job OR become an entrepreneur.
  • Attain peak of earning potential.
  • Create Assets for lifelong consumption.

Commitment & Accumulation

This is the phase where we are married and have a family. We start making commitments with our life if we have not already during the phase of Asset Creation. We plan for our kid’s education and marriage. We give serious thought to our retirement plans and start working on gathering money.

In most cases, we have surpassed our earning peak potential. We are very much settled in our career. We seek more opportunity to have second (passive) income. Options are very much available in the Internet age. Freelancing / Investment / Lent out to Rent etc.

Goals of Commitment and Accumulation Phase:

  • Sustain and survive in the job and/or entrepreneurship.
  • Look out for passive income creation.
  • Serve our commitments of life.
  • Plan investments for post-retirement life.


This is the phase in which we enjoy the fruits we have got through our investments made in Asset Creation and Commitment / Accumulation phase. Our active earning life most likely have come to end.

We have completed most of our commitments. And we can’t help it but compare ourself with our younger self, we feel as if we are going through the same stage where we were staying home except retirement corpus in our account.

Goals of Retirement Phase:

  • Be independent on financial matters.
  • Enjoy retirement life.
  • Seek activities which had had as hobbies to keep ourself busy, money is by product.
  • Spend and save enough to ensure retirement money could help us throughout retirement life.

As we saw, each life phase comes with different set of responsibilities. It’s vital to do our best during all of our phases to have satisfied and fulfilled retirement stage. If we do not do our bits during each phase then we may jeopardize our retirement stage, as we do not have many options during retirement stage. You know, no bank give loan to retired people to live life. 🙁

So, go ahead and do best you can during each phase to have fulfilled life.


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