6 Systematic Investment Plan Mistakes

Systematic Investment Plan

If you are a vivid “Personal Finance” related article reader, like me, then surely you would have read at least one article wherein it says that there are lots of cash inflow to Mutual Fund industry via SIP route while market is moving upwards, like we saw till Diwali time, and if you observed closely such news disappears when market stumbles, like it did post Diwali. Because seldom such news appears in down trends. The market is going to be volatile by its nature. Based on my discussion with few of my friends and few online articles like this I was able to find few mistakes which we make with our SIP investments. Read Full Article →


Four Phases of Life

Life Stages

Life goes on. Everyone came to this beautiful place called earth to live their life. If we observe closely we would see that our life goes through several phases, and in most cases, we (are expected) behave similarly to the people belongs to our phase. Read Full Article →