New Year Resolutions for Myself and My Money


As we approach Dec 2016, there will be the flavor of “taking-resolution” season. Everyone will want to make a resolution. In fact, not one but most people would have a list of resolutions. As per, health-related resolutions comes as top most broken resolutions for a major number of people.

No wonder, an around same time we see many billboards from Gyms offering “The Biggest Discount” on annual membership till date to attract (read trap) all such “Join Gym” resolution taking people. Most of such “Join Gym” resolution taking people starts their Gym routine on a high note but enthusiasm ends in few weeks, for some lucky ones may stay for few months, and they stop going to Gym. If he/she would have continued his Gym routine then it would have become regular life and next year resolution would have been a different list altogether. But that’s not the case with most of the people, and they end up having same resolution list again. And after few years these people stop making resolutions at all.

I am sure you know about whom I am talking. It’s either you (who is reading this right now) or someone close to you. I am also guilty of being part of this tribe.

Though I know statistics about resolution realization ratio and benefits of going Gym regularly, I am also on the same side as of others. In fact, I have not taken initiative at all to join the Gym. But this new year I want to commit myself for Gym, to complete my two long time resolutions. First one being joining Gym, and the second one to run a marathon once in my life. I know in a year I won’t be able to get myself in the shape to run a marathon but at least I will be one step closer. Once regular exercise becomes part of the daily routine I will be on my way to cross off both the resolutions from the long standing list. In fact, even these resolutions are also tired of being the on list.

I have similar resolutions for my money too. Similar to me my money also deteriorated it’s health after being lazy, in Savings Account. But not anymore. Two resolutions for money are 1. Join inflation beating products. 2. Build big corpus for my long term goals. If you see these resolutions are very similar to my own resolutions. I want to establish SIP investments to make money complete the first resolution, and be one step closer to its second resolution.

I commit myself and my money to have a healthy life. If I sweat to earn more money why can’t it sweat itself to multiply itself?

So, this new year I have two resolutions to join a gym and run the marathon for yourself and similar resolutions for my hard earned money too. Go ahead and define such resolutions for you and your money. Commitment is a key here.


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