Realty Property Dilemma of My Friend

A few days back one of my good friend, let’s name him Amit, asked me a generic question, what’s your thought on Realty Property as an investment? My answer was very simple, Property is meant for consumption. As per his facial expressions, I could understand my one liner answer was not something he was looking for and he was certainly not satisfied with that answer. For obvious reasons my one liner answer arouse many questions and it became a big lunch time discussion topic. Read Full Article →


Investment Dilemma of My Friend

A few weeks back one of a good friend of mine, let’s name him Amit, approached me for some investment advice. At first, I felt honored to guide someone on their investment objectives. As we have been together from past more than 3 years I have had a fair idea about his risk profile. As per his risk profile, I did suggest him a fund to invest, but as fate would have it, few other good friends suggested him few aggressive funds to invest and at the end he was lost in the jungle of suggestions. Analysis Paralysis bug had bitten him. On following up after few days I was shocked to know that he decided to go with Recurring Deposits and discarded all suggestions. I could understand why he did so, he did not want to waste time as his investment objective was time-bound. Read Full Article →