How items on menu influences us?

Have you ever wondered how items on given menu influence our choices? Many times I have been in a situation wherein I have entered a restaurant without any pre-decided choice and I end up choosing an item from menu even though it’s not of my choice. I am sure every one of us has been through such situation at least once.

This happens because often we want to get out of decision-making situation at earliest. Though we know that chosen item is not exactly what we are looking for and certainly not the best we can have.

A similar situation plays around last quarter of Indian financial with lots of Indians. During this time such people are in pressure to declare tax savings investment. And they become an easy target for investment distributor who presents them few products (tailored menu) which are made to look good on the face but in the long term it turn out to be the bad one. And they end up choosing one from given menu.

No wonder January to March is so successful quarter for such bad product promoter and distributors. Here is report from IRDAI which proves how pressured we become in last quarter.

So, what should people do?

Essentially people should plan their tax savings investment throughout year, after research. So that they have more choices compared to the one presented by so call distributor. And they are not pressured to make decisions at last month.

Start preparing your tax saving investment right now, if you have not done yet. And do not get pressured by Menu.


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