Why investing in current top fund is wrong strategy?

I enjoy answering questions on Quora. It is a fantastic platform to exchange knowledge and learn new things. I confess some of the blog ideas are straightway picked up from questions I observe on Quora. Lately, because Indian market is at its pick as of writing this article, please have started asking few very simple questions, allow me to put them in a template, “What is Best Mutual Fund to invest {A} amount a month?” OR “Should I switch to fund {B} because fund {C} did not do well last year?” OR “Is it good to add fund {D} because it did give fantastic returns last year?”. At times I do attempt to answer them but mostly my answer gets conveniently ignored because it is not what they expect. I tell them to not to chase current best, instead look for the long term good performing fund. Read Full Article →


Are Risk Tolerance and Risk Capacity same?

What is Risk

What is the Risk? It is nicely summed up by Sir Warren Buffet in above quote. The risk is not knowing what we are doing. It’s something in our control. If we know what we are doing, believe me, there is no risk involved at all. Read Full Article →


Is your Asset Allocation inline to your Desired range?

Asset Allocation Review

Last month, March 2017, after completing article “Things to do before March 31” I decided to verify my Asset Allocation. A few months back I did review of my investments, wherein I ran few basic checks to find out if my selected funds are doing what they are supposed to do. But, review of funds and review of asset allocation is not the same thing. Review of funds is to verify whether funds are on right track wherein review of asset allocation is to verify whether I am on track with asset allocation, which I had planned earlier, or I am drifting towards any one asset, probably Equity as markets are reaching heights. Read Full Article →


Happy Financial Year

Investment Plan

Personal Finance is Personal, we get it. But, there should be a simple guide which can help us review our finances time to time, it should be simple enough so that anyone can understand it easily and at the same time it should be customizable enough to cater all situations of any group of ages. Read Full Article →


Where should I invest?

Where should I invest?

I get this question pretty frequently nowadays, where should I invest this chunk of money? People pose this question either on WhatsApp chat or call and at times they do schedule a tea break to ask this question. Few strangers ask me on Quora too. This simple and innocent question is not as easy to answer as it is asked. Read Full Article →